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01 December 2007 @ 01:12 pm
Eric Cafiso- Growing Up  
Title: Growing Up
Liv darkmagic_luvr
OC: Eric Cafiso
12_developments Prompt: 6. Middle School
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Just a subtle hint that Eric’s noticing girls. I have one more left for this claim.

Eric pulled his t-shirt over his head and sighed at his reflection in the mirror. He always hated the first day of school. It wasn’t like he was going to meet someone knew. He kept in touch with his friends over the summer. He had a nice amount of them, he didn’t want more.

And he’d already tried pretending to be sick. That didn’t work.

"You aren’t seriously wearing that to school are you?" Eric looked over at his twin sister standing in the doorway. He glared at her and crossed his arms over his chest.

"So what if I am?"

"You look like you’re not trying."

"I’m not trying," said Eric and Donata shifted on her feet trying to hold back a laugh.

"Oh, mission accomplished then."


Louie looked up from the tv to see Eric walk into his house with his shoulder’s slumped and fall face forward onto the couch next to him.

"You okay, kiddo?" asked Louie, ruffling Eric’s hair. He groaned into the couch cushion. "Bad first day?"

"They're always bad."

"What happened?"

"Girls happened," said Eric looking up at his father. "So many boobs."